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A New Story

One story plays out every day in the national media. It is a story of economic decline, scarcity, and fear. Each day the story is told through another business, industry, even nation. We hear it on the morning news, encounter it when entering our workplaces, see it in our communities. In the crises is a deeper failure--the failure of self-interest and greed, of old-style competition, to create abundance.

The story of scarcity is a true story, and the only one we really know how to tell. But there are others-- equally true, equally possible. There are probable futures and preferable futures. Preferable futures come about by design. They happen when someone or someplace moves in a new direction-- against the tide, against the odds. A new story is waiting to be written. It is the story of how to create abundance through generosity--of the power of generosity to do what the market cannot and the government will not. It is the story of how generosity can become an organizing principle among a group of people. Charlotte intends to be the first of many communities becoming more abundant through generosity. It will begin a new story.